Our offer


As we are part of the hospitality Industry, we apply the Horeca CAO (the collective labour agreement for the Hospitality and related industries) and its references and salaries. 

However, within Accor we have higher end scales, which means employees within Accor have more space to grow in terms of salary. For each scale-end, Accor applies higher scale-end salaries. For more information about this, you can always reach out to us!

You will grow within your scale based on the annual assessment rounds. If you perform better, your salary will be better as well!

Travel allowance

We reimburse travel expenses as from five kilometers away from the hotel. Therefore, the further away you live, the higher your travel allowance will be. 


Employees have 25 holidays per year (based on full time contract). Because we believe in a healthy work-life balance, it is possible to buy up to 5 days extra every year or to sell them!

4-day workweek!

We know that a good work-life balance is essential for everyone; we have a 4-day workweek for all the kitchen employees. This means that you will work 38 hours in four days and you will have three days off! Of course, all the other teams have fair time-for-time arrangements.


The pension agreement for the retirement pension exist of standard agreements through the Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering (PH&C). Herewith, you build op your retirement pension from a part of your salary up to € 38.644,- per year (figures 2020). This pension scheme also has compulsory partner pension. You build up pension with us from 21 years old.

However, we do more! The gross annual salary, including 8% holiday allowance and other variable components such as surcharges and employee bonus* higher than € 38,644, fully count for the supplementary pension scheme operated by Be Frank.  This scheme also includes a non-contributory continuation of the pension accrual for partially disabled people.

And there is still more. Besides the above-named agreements, we have several other agreements for our employees:

  • Possibility to increase the retirement pension yourself at Pensioenfonds Horeca &
    • Catering & BeFrank
    • Possibility to increase the partner and orphans pension yourself at Pensioenfonds
    • Horeca & Catering
    • Possibility for an ANW-pension, an extra insurance for partner and orphans 
    • For everyone: WIA-Excedent insurance in case of disability 

Extra benefits!

Personalized bonus

Accor offers an attractive bonus scheme for all the employees. When all financial goals are met, yearly we pay out a nice extra bonus based on a personalized bonus plan.

ALL Heartist Card

With your ALL Heartist Card, you receive worldwide discounts on overnight stays and more. Accor has many different brands and this card can be used for every brand. So, whether you would like to relax for the weekend in Novotel or enjoy luxury to its finest within a Sofitel Legend, it is all possible with you ALL Heartist card!

Hospitality Benefit Program

Once you are part of The Grand Team, you can use the Hospitality Benefit Program. This will give you up to 50% at selected bars and restaurants in four and five star hotels in Amsterdam! 

Be The Guest!

During your start at The Grand, you will receive onboarding workshops to prepare you and ensure a good start with us. After these workshops, you get to Be The Guest in The Grand! This means that you can take someone with you to enjoy a free overnight stay with a free dinner including wine arrangement and a free breakfast! Next to that, you also get a 50% discount to enjoy our Spa & Wellness treatments. And this invitation will reoccur every working lustrum!

Be Balanced 

Within The Grand, we have a passionate Be Balanced team. This group of employees will help you with a good work-life balance by organizing workshops such as mindfulness, time management, sport classes, staff parties and more! 

Discount at Health Club Jordaan

Because The Grand has a collaboration with Health Club Jordaan, you can enjoy going the gym with a discount of 35%!